Green Mountain Coffee Café & Visitor Center

Located in Waterbury’s historic train station.

Waterbury’s historic railroad station was built in 1875 and was the centerpiece of Waterbury Village for more than 75 years. Through the 1950s, Waterbury Station served as the gateway to Vermont attractions, central among them alpine skiing at nearby Stowe, and the Mad River Glen. The Central Vermont Railway Ski Train brought tens of thousands of passengers to Vermont’s ski slopes and winter carnivals.

Train Station PlaqueAs the interstate highway system reached deeper into the Green Mountains, train travel began its decline. Waterbury Station saw its last steam locomotive in 1957, and a Waterbury exit ramp built on Interstate 89 in 1962 loomed as the beginning of the end of Waterbury’s rail history.

In 1995 the Amtrak Vermonter made its inaugural run, bringing rail service once again to the village. Two years later, Revitalizing Waterbury began its herculean effort to restore the historic rail station, partnering with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Foundation in 2005. The restoration effort began in earnest in February, 2006.

Waterbury Station opened its doors again in October, 2006, as the home of Green Mountain Coffee Café & Visitor Center and the Waterbury Village Community Room. Waterbury Station continues to serve as an active Amtrak rail station, and offers daily passenger rail service between Washington DC, and St. Albans in Northern Vermont. Check out the ‘Vermonter’ line at