Coffee in Rwanda: A story of survival and revival

Spring Revival® Blend offers sweet aromas, balanced flavors, and a compelling story of hope. The floral top notes of this Fair Trade Certified™ blend come from Rwanda, a country still recovering from a brutal civil war. With this delicious Limited Edition Seasonal coffee, you join us in supporting Rwanda’s economic revival, and small farmers who are producing extraordinary beans.

In the Gikongoro Province of southwestern Rwanda, vibrant coffee fields are reawakening after years of lying dormant. High altitudes, rich soil and predictable rainfalls created a perfect microclimate here, but years of conflict and political unrest had made it nearly impossible to get coffee to market. Today, a partnership of growers, roasters and governments is producing exceptionally fine coffee, and hope for a more peaceful future.

Our connection to Rwandan coffee began in 2002, when we hosted a group of farmers in Waterbury, VT. They toured our roasting facility, participated in cupping, and explored ways to connect with U.S. consumers.

Our head coffee buyer, Lindsey Bolger, then made the first of six trips to Rwanda to train farmers in cupping and sensory evaluation. She helped train them to detect defects and understand the quality expectations of the demanding specialty coffee market. In 2008, Lindsey’s protégées were asked to be judges for Africa’s first Cup of Excellence® coffee competition. Their participation was a dramatic illustration of Rwanda’s meteoric rise on the international coffee scene.

Today, Rwanda is one of the hottest origins in specialty coffee, with a well-deserved reputation for high-quality beans. Fair Trade prices are allowing farmers to make a living off their small plots of land.

We are proud to work with the Clinton Global Initiative, TransFair USA, the Cordes Foundation, and the hardworking, small farmers of Rwanda to bring you Fair Trade Certified™ Spring Revival® Blend.

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