Old World Hot Cocoa
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Old World Hot Cocoa

Item# T52080
The only mysterious part about this hot cocoa is its tendency to disappear before it makes it to your mug.
  • 54% Cocoa
  • Rich, dark chocolate shavings
  • Made in Vermont
  • 9.5-oz.
  • On sale while supplies last!
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Hot chocolate the way it was intended: made from pure, dark 54% cocoa chocolate shavings. The sweet curley-cues melt in hot milk to make a rich, full-bodied and deeply satisfying drink. The shavings are also excellent for baking, and as a dessert topping.

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We love sharing fabulous products from Vermont, the Green Mountain state. Everyone here loves the hand-crafted treats from Lake Champlain Chocolates, headquarted in Burlington, VT. All Lake Champlain Chocolates are crafted in small batches and most treats include extra layers of hand-painted chocolate. In their own words, LCC's goal "has always been the creation of something special. The union of the rich history of making fine chocolate, the heritage of craftsmanship, and the wonderful flavors of Vermont is accomplished every day...producing sweet indulgences with pride." The New York Times proclaimed Lake Champlain Chocolates as "some of the best chocolate in the country." We agree.

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