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We believe in using the power of business to make the world a better place. Each step on the long road from tree to cup gives us an opportunity to create better coffee, and a better world. From carefully sourcing and roasting the highest quality beans, to empowering employees and protecting the environment, we focus on what's important. Our goal is to create truly inspired coffee that's environmentally sound, socially just, and undeniably delicious.

Learn more about our corporate responsibility initiatives listed below:

Protecting the Environment

We depend on the land to make our living. This is true in places where coffee is grown, like Indonesia, Guatemala, and Rwanda, but it’s just as true at our headquarters in Vermont, or in any of the thousands of locations where Green Mountain Coffee is sold. Waste reduction and responsible energy use have been two of our top priorities from the beginning. Click here to learn more.

Building Demand for Sustainable Products

We raise awareness of sustainable coffee, and create "consumer activists" who will demand it. Coffee lovers who ask for Fair Trade Certified™ and organic coffee may not realize it, but they are helping the world maintain a long-term supply of high-quality beans. In 2000, we were among the first U.S. roasters to sell Fair Trade Certified™ coffee. We now offer one of the largest selections of double-certified, Fair Trade organic coffees. Click here to learn more.

Partnering with Supply-Chain Communities

Strong relationships with our farmers help improve the quality of coffee and the quality of life, in communities around the world. Our coffee buyers travel extensively to find the finest Arabica beans and train farmers in cupping and sensory evaluation. Working together, we develop a common language to talk about quality, and farmers get a better understanding of how their work influences the coffee in your cup. Click here to learn more.

Supporting Local Communities

We have been donating time, coffee, and money to nonprofits in our neighborhood communities since 1981. Each year, we donate to more than 1,200 nonprofit organizations. Employees volunteer to work on company time and get 6.5 paid workdays to contribute to their community. Click here to learn more.

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