Green Mountain Coffee


Our Tanzanian coffee is grown by a group of small-scale farmers near Tanzania's Gombe National Park, the site of Dr. Jane Goodall's groundbreaking research on chimpanzee behavior.

The Gombe region is one of the few places on earth where coffee farmers and chimpanzees live side-by-side. The lush mix of grassland, open woodland and deep green forests are a natural habitat for chimpanzees. These same forests, in concert with the spring-like temperatures and predictable rainfall, also provide the perfect shade cover and climate necessary to grow world-class coffee. In turn, coffee farming gives farmers an incentive to preserve the forest, and chimpanzee habitat, while preserving economic stability.

Our people involved in this region:
Lindsey Bolger

Lindsey Bolger
Chief Coffee Buyer

Lindsey Bolger is more than our chief coffee buyer. She's our ambassador to the world.

Her job takes her to the Amazon Basin in Peru, the steep cliffs of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains in Mexico, and the Tanzanian shores of Lake Tanganyika. If a region grows great coffee, it's likely Lindsey's been there.

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