Green Mountain Coffee

By Brewing Method

You have tremendous influence over the quality of your coffee during the final stages of its preparation. Brewing a perfect cup depends on the type of bean you choose, the heat and quality of your water, your brewing method and equipment, the grind level, and how long the water is in contact with the grinds. Here's how to get the most out of your brew:

Keurig® Single-Cup Brewers

An exceptional cup of coffee at the touch of a button. The patented K-Cup design protects freshly-roasted coffee from light, moisture, and air. There's no grinding, no mess, and no wasted coffee. Choose from over 40 varieties of coffee, hot cocoa, and Celestial Seasonings™ teas. Click here for a demonstration of a Keurig brewer.

Featured Single-Cup Brewer:

Auto-Drip Coffee Makers

Nearly all of our coffees work well with an auto-drip machine! For best results, grind coffee just prior to brewing.

Featured Auto-Drip Coffee Maker:
Capresso Thermal MT500

French Press

A superb method for brewing brighter, lighter-roasted coffees. The added body it extracts makes for a rounder flavor profile. Or, if you like a really full-bodied cup, try a French press with one of our Indonesian coffees. Magnificent!

Featured French Press:
Bodum Chambord Press
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