Compare Keurig® Coffee Makers

“Keurig® Coffee Maker” and “Keurig® Coffee Machine” are searches often used when people are looking to compare Keurig® brewers or shop for Keurig® K-Cup® packs. This page was created to help people compare Keurig® brewers.

Once you’ve chosen your Keurig® brewer, can keep you supplied with more than 250 varieties of hot coffee, iced coffee, hot cocoa, hot teas, iced teas and specialty beverages such as Chai Latte. All these varieties come in convenient K-Cup® packs, ready to brew with your new Keurig® brewer.

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Selecting your Keurig® brewer

How do you compare Keurig® brewers? Simply think about where and how your Keurig® brewer will be used … points such as:

  • Will you use it at home or in an office?
  • What size cups and mugs do you like for coffee, cocoa, tea, iced beverages and other drinks?
  • Do you want the convenience of larger water reservoirs and programmable controls?
  • What kind of styling do you like?

The table below shows how each Keurig® brewer compares with all the others. So start exploring the world of Keurig® single-cup brewers – and discover what makes Keurig® brewing technology a must-have in your home or office.

Keurig K-Cup Brewers
Model Best
Reviews Price

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Keurig Mr Coffee KG2 Single Cup Brewer Mr. Coffee®
Personal 3 Min. 9oz. single use
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Product Details Product Details

The KG2 brewer features a small footprint--a great fit for limited spaces. It brews a 9-oz. cup and features a sleek, stainless steel exterior.
  • Brews a 9-oz. cup
  • Single-use water reservoir
  • Auto shut-off
  • Includes a free 5-count variety box of K-Cup packs.
Keurig B31 Mini Plus Coffee Maker Keurig®
Mini Plus
Personal 2 Min. up to 10oz. single use
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Product Details Product Details

The Mini Plus is easy to operate. Simply pour fresh water into the single-use reservoir, CHOOSE your favorite K-Cup® pack, BREW in under 2 minutes and ENJOY.
  • Offered in three colors: Black, Red, and Platinum
  • 3 Brew Sizes: 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz.
  • Can take a mug up to 5" tall (max height) with the drip tray removed
  • Brews in under 2 minutes
Keurig B48 Elite Single Cup Brewer Keurig® Elite Personal 1 min up to 10oz. 48-oz.

Product Details Product Details

The Keurig® Single-Cup Elite B48 Brewer offers ultimate convenience at the lowest price. Enjoy perfect coffee or tea at the touch of a button. Includes a free 12-count variety box of K-Cup packs and offers three brew sizes!
  • Quiet Brew Technology™
  • Brews a 6-oz., 8-oz., or 10-oz. cup in seconds
  • Optional Auto-off feature shuts down brewer after 2 hours
  • Removable 48-oz. water reservoir
  • Comes with a water filter starter kit
Keurig<sup>®</sup> B68 Special Edition Coffee Brewer Keurig®
Special Edition
Personal 1 min up to 10oz. 60-oz.
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Product Details Product Details

The Keurig® Special Edition B68's combination of design and features delivers the best value in our home brewer line up. Includes a free 12-count variety box of K-Cup packs.
  • Quiet Brew Technology™
  • Blue backlit LCD display and water reservoir
  • Three brew sizes: 6-oz, 8-oz, and 10-oz. (travel mug)
  • Digital clock, Programmable on/off timer
Keurig B78 Platinum Single Cup Coffee Maker Keurig® Platinum Personal 1 Min up to 12oz. 72-oz.
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Product Details Product Details

Brew hot or over ice with the Keurig® Platinum B78 Single-Cup Brewer. The B78 offers flexibility, variety, convenience, and quality. Includes a free 12-count variety box of K-Cup® packs.
  • Quiet Brew Technology™
  • Blue backlit LCD display and water reservoir
  • Digital clock, Programmable on/off timer
  • Available in Black and Silver, Cinnamon, and Midnight Black
  • Brew Sizes: 4-oz. iced drinks, 6-oz. more intense cup, 8-oz. regular cup, 10-oz. mug and 12-oz. travel mug
Cuisinart Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewer Cuisinart® Personal 1 min up to 12oz. 80 oz.
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Product Details Product Details

A stylish way to brew up delicious coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more -- from two pioneers in kitchen technology.
  • 5 Brew Sizes: 4 oz. iced setting, 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz.
  • Featuring Quiet Brew Technology
  • 12ct. Variety Pack included
  • Charcoal Water Filter removes impurities that could interfere with taste
  • Includes a free 12-count variety box of K-Cup® packs and a My K-Cup® Reusable Coffee Filter

The Keurig® K-Cup® System

For coffee, tea, iced beverages and more, the world has discovered Keurig® as the way to brew. With over 250 varieties to choose from, it's always easy to find the right cup - for you. The K-Cup® pack is a patented, air-tight container that locks out oxygen, light and moisture while locking in freshness and flavor. In a matter of seconds, pressurized hot water creates a single cup of delicious coffee, brewed just for you.

Brew Over Ice®

Brew Over Ice

Just when you thought your Keurig experience couldn’t get any better... our Brew Over Ice K-Cup® and Vue® packs introduce a whole new way to enjoy your Keurig® brewer. Now you can relax and rejuvenate with a wide variety of refreshing, cold beverages, brewed at the touch of a button. Brew Over Ice® packs are uniquely blended, with just the right amount of coffee, tea or fruit, to ensure a refreshingly cool brew every time. Look for the Brew Over Ice® seal on your favorite brands: Green Mountain Coffee®, Celestial Seasonings®, The Original Donut Shop, Vitamin Burst and much, much more.