Joining Café Express®

It's easy to join Café Express Start a Café Express membership to receive automatic shipments of the beverages you love delivered right to your door.

Step 1 – Click the Café Express icon at the top of the home page
Step 2 – Choose the package type you use (i.e. bag coffee, K-cup Packs or Vue Packs)
Step 3 – Browse the products you love and click Add to Club from the product detail page
Step 4 – When you’re done adding items to your club, click Checkout
Step 5 – Create a username and password if you don’t already have one
Step 6 – In the Shopping Cart, choose how often you’d like to receive automatic shipments, add or remove items, change the quantity, or change the shipping status (auto ship or ship once). Note: you must have at least one item in your cart set to Auto Ship to receive the Café Express discount.
Step 7 – Proceed to Checkout

If you have any questions, call our dedicated Café Express phone number at 888-350-5287.

Thanks for your interest in Café Express!