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What are the benefits of joining Café Express?

Café Express is a convenient, automatic delivery program that gives you special discounts on beverages, brewers, and gifts. When you join, we'll deliver your coffee, tea or hot cocoa on a flexible schedule that works for you. You can change your order, change your frequency, or schedule your next ship date by signing in to your account or by calling our Café Express hotline. We'll even send you an email reminder before your order ships so you'll know when it's time to make changes to your next order.

Member Benefits:
As a member, you'll receive:

  • 15% off every order, including K-Cup® and Vue® boxes, bagged coffee, gift baskets, brewers and accessories (excludes Rancilio products)
  • A free gift for joining
  • Free Standard shipping within the contiguous U.S. when you buy four or more boxes of K-Cup® or Vue® packs
  • Hassle-free club management ONLINE
  • A dedicated Café Express hotline: 888-350-5287

What's more, there's no cost to join, no fees, no unwanted shipments, and no need to call to re-order. When you place your first recurring order, we'll continue to send a shipment at the frequency you choose.

Click here for more information about Café Express.

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How do I join?

Start shopping and click Add to Club. When you’re done adding items to your club, click Checkout and choose how often you’d like to receive your automatic deliveries. We’ll set up your account when you check out. View this page for more detailed information.

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Can I add gifts and accessories to my Café Express orders?

Yes! You may add non-beverage items to a club order by simply clicking “Add to Club” from the product detail page and selecting the club to which you’d like the item added. Non-beverage items cannot ship on a recurring basis.

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Can I pay with a check?

At this time, checks are not accepted as payment for club orders.

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Do you have to keep my credit card on file?

Yes, club members must keep a credit card on file so that we may process your recurring orders as quickly as possible.

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Can I delay a shipment?

Absolutely. We want your membership to be as flexible as possible. If you’re going away for a period of time and wish to delay a shipment, you may do so by signing in to your account, clicking “modify club” and Edit Shipping Schedule.

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Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, just call our Customer Service line at 888-350-5287 or send us an email.
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Cafe Express Moving to
This fall we will be retiring order functionality on The things you have come to value and expect with, great service and product variety are echoed on our sister site, We do not want you to take any action now and we will be in touch in July 2014 with more details.

We have integrated our teams and businesses into one company to enhance our ability to connect closely with our customers and provide world-class services.

Do I need to go on and set up a whole new account?
No. All of your account information on / Café Express® will be transferred over to for you and you will be enrolled in Club Keurig Auto-Delivery.

Club Keurig Auto-Delivery is an automatic shipment program like Café Express. You will have access to your online account and the ability to make changes to your recurring account to meet your needs.

Where will I go to order?
Once the order functionality on is no longer available you will need to go to to access any pre-existing active Café Express accounts.  

What will happen to my Café Express account?
As long as you remain an active member of Café Express, we will transfer all your account information over to Auto-Delivery, so you experience no interruptions with your automatic delivery.  

Will I get the same discounts?
We will transfer all your account information to where you will automatically be enrolled in Club Keurig™ as an active member of Club Keurig™ Auto-Delivery program. In appreciation of you being an active Café Express® member you will receive an 18% discount, plus you can enjoy additional benefits of Club Keurig.

Will I still get my Order Reminder Email?
As an active Club Keurig™ Auto-Delivery member you will continue to receive an Order Reminder email from 13 days prior to each order process date giving you plenty of time to make changes to an order, if needed.

Will you offer the same products?
We will be offering the same beverage products and more – over 250 varieties, including 150 five-count sample size K-cup® boxes for you to try, as well as your favorite seasonal coffees. also offers a selection of brewing accessories.

Can I set up an Auto-Delivery order on
Yes, Club Keurig™ offers an option to have your orders set up for Auto-Delivery. If you would like to set up a new Auto-Delivery order, place an order for immediate delivery, at checkout select the box for ‘Auto-Delivery’ and then select how often you would like all future order to be delivered.

Can I use my Café Express discount and my Club Keurig discount at the same time?
No.  Café Express member discount and Club Keurig member discount cannot be combined.

What if I would like to cancel my Auto-Delivery, do I still get a discount?
If you choose to discontinue with an auto-delivery order and would like to ‘order as needed’ on, with your first order you will be enrolled in Club Keurig™ as a Platinum member and continue to receive your member discount on all your beverage purchases.  
Are there any other benefits to Club Keurig?
As a member of Club Keurig™, you will also receive Rewards Points with every beverage purchase. You can redeem your Rewards Points for 50% off products in our Rewards Catalog.
•    Each pack purchased earns 1 Rewards Point  ( for example a 24-count box will receive 24 Rewards Points)
•    Each bag of coffee purchased earns 15 Rewards Points

How do I earn Rewards Points?
•    Every pack purchased earns 1 Rewards Point  ( for example a 24-count box will receive 24 Rewards Points)
•    Each bag of coffee purchased earns 15 Rewards Points

How/where do I go to redeem my Rewards Points?
•    Log-in to your account. From the My Account Page, click Rewards Catalog.
•    Use your Earned Points to redeem products in our Rewards Catalog.

Can I set up multiple Auto-Delivery orders?
Yes, the process of being able to set up more than one Auto-Delivery order exists on If you have more than one Café Express order on, all orders will be transferred to for you.

Will there be dedicated phone # to call?
You can continue to use the following phone number when you need to speak with a Customer Care representative (888-350-5287888-350-5287).

Will you offer the Extended Brewer Warranty?
As a loyal active member of Café Express and now an active Club Keurig member, we will honor this exclusive Café Express benefit for the life of one brewer. This benefit will not be offered to other Club Keurig members.  

Can I add ‘one-time’ ship items to my recurring order?
This functionality does not exist on  However, if you place an order out-side or your recurring order you will receive you member discount on all orders.

Can I now “Order” anytime and get a discount?
Yes, one of the great benefits of & Club Keurig™ is you no longer need have a recurring order to receive a discount.  Now you can place any order and receive a discount on all beverage purchases, plus earn Rewards Points.

Can I still get free shipping when I purchase 4 boxes? offers free shipping on all brewers and for any order over $45.00(to US residents only).

What is shipping policy to Canada?
As of August 24, 2014 the following will apply when shipping to Canada:
• Standard Shipping Rates for orders under $44.99
•    A documentation & brokerage Fee of $9.95
•    Canadian duties charge on brewers of: 9%
•    Canadian duties charge on accessories of: 5%

What is going to become of
While we are shifting Ecommerce functionality to, we are exploring opportunities to create a brand website for the Green Mountain Coffee brand. Stay tuned!

How can I contact you?
If you would like to contact us please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.
•    Phone: 888-350-5287888-350-5287
•    Email:
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Can I have more than one club?

Absolutely. You’re welcome to create multiple clubs for yourself, or friends and family.

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Is there a minimum order?

Your club order must contain at least one recurring item per order (such as one K-Cup® box, Vue® box or one bag of coffee marked ‘recurring’.) But don't forget, free shipping is applied when you order 4 or more K-Cup® or Vue® boxes.

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What is Platinum membership?

After your 4th club order has shipped, you’re automatically upgraded to Platinum Club status. Platinum members receive 18% off any order!

Learn more about Platinum membership.

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How will I know when I’ve achieved Platinum status?

If you’re a club member, just log into our website and view your club status in the upper right corner of the page.

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Why am I getting a message stating I can’t modify my club online?

If your club ships in non-weekly intervals or ships in 13 week intervals or more, your club can only be changed by a customer care representative. Please give them a call at 888-350-5287.