Highland Sugarworks Organic Maple Syrup
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Highland Sugarworks Organic Maple Syrup

Item# T50037
There's just nothing better than the taste of pure, Vermont maple syrup. Made by Highland Sugarworks. This one is certified organic
  • A Medium Amber Grade A Maple Syrup
  • Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers
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Just down the road from us, Highland Sugarworks spends the spring capturing the rich sap, which they turn into this sweet nectar. We're of the mind that maple syrup complements just about every dish, but in particular we recommend trying it with Highland Sugarworks pancake and waffle mixes; if you really want to sweeten your morning, try it with Woodstock's Cranberry Maple Walnut Granola. In addition to its many applications, this stuff is 100% Certified Organic!

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We love sharing fabulous products from Vermont, the Green Mountain State. One of our favorite Vermont partners is Highland Sugarworks of Starksboro and Websterville, Vermont. Their scrumptious syrups and baking mixes have received high praise from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fancy Food magazine, Vegetarian Times and many other publications.

This picture shows their Starksboro sugarhouse, where artisans follow traditional methods to boil maple sap into syrup. Highland Sugarworks collects sap from their 80-acre "sugarbush" or maple forest. Sap consists of mostly water and approximately 2% sugar. The water is boiled off until the sap becomes syrup (which is approximately 67% sugar). We Vermonters take our pure, organic maple syrup very, very seriously.

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